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The seasonal fantasy football is over, the NFL playoffs are in full effect, and I have way too much time on my hands, so here is my first-round fantasy football mock draft for 2022. I made this list based on standard scoring, aka NON-PPR.

1.) Jonathan Taylor: RB-Indianapolis Colts

2.) Derrick Henry: RB- Tennessee Titans

3.) Austin Ekeler: RB- Los Angeles Chargers

4.) Cooper Kupp: WR- Los Angeles Rams

5.) Davantae Adams: WR- Green Bay Packers

6.) Alvin Kamara: RB- New Orleans Saints

7.) Christian McCaffrey: RB- Carolina Panthers

8.) Dalvin Cook: RB- Minnesota Vikings

9.) Najee Harris: RB- Pittsburgh Steelers

10.) Tyreek Hill: WR- Kansas City Chiefs

11.) Leonard Fournette: RB- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12.) Nick Chubb: RB- Cleveland Browns

As I said, this is way too early as things could change, like Davantae going to a different team since he’s a free agent at the end of the year. And what’s the status of McCaffrey‘s injury, and who will be his quarterback?

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The Fantasy Baseball Draft Boards will not be available in 2022. Unfortunately, we did not have time to make the baseball draft boards or update our website due to the MLB lockout. However, we will still do a fun photo shoot with gorgeous models donning adorable baseball uniforms, post the pictures on our social media, and plan to sell them in 2023.

The Fantasy Baseball Draft Boards will be available in 2022!