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Be careful when drafting these 10 players in fantasy football in 2023.

  1. Dameon Pierce (Houston Texans RB): Although some people believe Pierce could have a breakout season, there are concerns about his efficiency and workload. Despite ranking fourth in rushing yards after contact and second in broken tackles last year, his overall efficiency metrics were not impressive. The Texans also brought in Devin Singletary, which could impact Pierce’s workload and fantasy production.
  2. D’Andre Swift (Philadelphia Eagles RB): Swift is a talented running back, but his goal line opportunities and receiving work might be limited in the Eagles’ offense. With Jalen Hurts as the quarterback and competition from other running backs, Swift’s chances of meeting his ADP as a top running back are uncertain.
  3. Christian Watson (Green Bay Packers WR): Although Watson had an impressive four-week stretch last season, his overall volume might not be as high as expected. Considering the uncertainties surrounding Jordan Love and the Packers’ offense, it might be more realistic to expect Watson to finish closer to WR30 rather than WR20.
  4. Travis Etienne (Jacksonville Jaguars RB): Etienne is receiving a lot of hype this offseason, but the opportunities for him to significantly improve on his previous fantasy performance might be limited. His target share was already average last year, and the addition of other receiving options and a potential committee approach might hinder his chances of finishing as a top 12 running back.
  5. Kenneth Walker III (Seattle Seahawks RB): Despite being a good fit for the Seahawks’ offense, Walker’s outlook is dampened by the team’s second-round draft pick, Zack Charbonnet. If Walker doesn’t receive enough passing work and isn’t the workhorse back, his fantasy production might be more comparable to other efficient yet underutilized running backs.
  6. Deebo Samuel (San Francisco 49ers WR): Samuel had a fantastic 2021 season, but there are reasons to believe he might not replicate that success. With the addition of Christian McCaffrey, his rushing opportunities could decrease. Furthermore, his statistical performance with quarterback Brock Purdy hasn’t been as impressive as with other quarterbacks, which could affect his fantasy output.
  7. Najee Harris (Pittsburgh Steelers RB): While Harris showed improvement towards the end of last season, his overall efficiency was concerning. Additionally, reports of Jalen Warren’s increased involvement this year and question marks about the offensive scheme cast doubt on Harris’ ability to meet his ADP as a top running back.
  8. Javonte Williams (Denver Broncos RB): Williams is a talented player, but returning from a significant knee injury might affect his performance. History has shown that running backs often struggle in their first year back from such injuries. Furthermore, the presence of Samaje Perine in the Broncos’ backfield might limit Williams’ opportunities.
  9. Calvin Ridley (Jacksonville Jaguars WR): Ridley is a highly skilled receiver, but his extended absence from NFL games raises concerns about his rustiness. While his situation in Jacksonville seems favorable, there are other receiving options to consider, potentially limiting his target share. As a result, it’s uncertain if he can meet his ADP as a top wide receiver.
  10. Dalton Kincaid Dalton Kincaid is a rookie tight end who landed in a favorable spot with the Buffalo Bills. However, history shows that it’s rare for rookie tight ends to finish as top 10 fantasy options in their first year. It usually takes time for tight ends to develop and become reliable fantasy assets. While the fit with the Bills seems promising, it’s best not to set high expectations for Kincaid in his debut season.

Remember, fantasy football can be unpredictable, and players’ performances can vary from year to year. It’s always wise to be mindful of potential risks and not solely rely on past successes when drafting players for your fantasy team.

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