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Mac Jones finished his rookie season 18th in fantasy points amongst quarterbacks. I like drafting a quarterback who finished relatively well the year before, not the guy who was a Top 5 QB because their stats tend to go down a bit the following year. For example, in 2021, everybody was high on Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes. So instead of taking one of these guys, I loaded up on running backs and wide receivers before taking Tom Brady in the sixth round. And the GOAT had a fantastic year finishing third amongst quarterbacks, so look for that diamond in the rough. Still, Mac Jones is a guy you should draft as a backup next year because he could finish in the top 10.

The Patriots don’t have good receivers. Jacoby Myers is his number one receiver with 126 targets but only 83 receptions. It’s decent, but he’s not a number one receiver. The Patriots need to get better receivers like an Amari Cooper. They were trying to trade with the Falcons for Calvin Ridley before he got suspended for gambling. He has an excellent Tight End with Hunter Henry. 76 targets, 50 receptions, 603 receiving yards, and 9 TDs. Those numbers should go up. Mac’s touchdown to interception ratio wasn’t that great, with 22 TDs to 13 interceptions. He needs to improve his 67.6%  average completion percentage and he needs to rush more.

He was the third-string QB at Alabama behind Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa. And he ends up winning a National Championship for the Crimson Tide in his senior season. So I see a lot of upsides here. I know he can be a guy who could be fantasy relevant for many years. But fortunately for you, I don’t think he will be on many people’s radar. So draft him and stash him on your bench.

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By Eddie Sebastian, aka That Fantasy Football Draft Board Guy