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By Eddie Sebastian

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Fantasy Football counselor because he knows his stuff, unlike the consensus from the sports networks. He likes to call them consheepsus. It’s never too early to start talking draft strategy, and he was talking about fantasy football quarterback sleepers. Sleepers are guys you can get in the later rounds of your draft that will perform at a high value. In other words, don’t sleep on these guys. Here are his TOP 5 QB sleepers of 2022. These guys are ranked outside of the TOP 10, and they usually get drafted in the fifth round and after.

  1. DENVER BRONCOS: QB RUSSELL WILSON, He only played 14 games last year with the Seahawks due to an injury, and some people might be sleeping on him because of that, plus he’s in a new system. Rus is always in the Top 10 QB rankings, and he has a stud RB in Javontee Williams and two quality receivers in Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton.
  2. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: QB TOM BRADY, 40 days with the wife and kids is all it took to get the goat to unretire. The Bucs lost some key players from last season due to free agency and WR Chris Godwin is coming off a torn ACL where he missed the last three games of the season and the playoffs. Many people were saying that Tom wanted to go to the 49ers, but it seems like he is going to stay with the Bucs. I’ve drafted him late the last two years, and if I get a chance to grab him again this year, I will.
  3. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: QB MAC JONES, Started as a rookie for Bill Belichick. He’s replacing the guy who was trying to replace Tom Brady. 3,800 passing yards and 22 touchdowns. Grab him as a backup who might end up becoming your starter.
  4. ATLANTA FALCONS or NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: QB DESHAUN WATSON, He didn’t play in 2021, and he’s not going to prison, but he still has legal issues to deal with and will likely be suspended for half the season. The Texans are in the process of trading him to either the Falcons or the Saints. If he has good wide receivers and an offensive line, he will perform at a Top 10 level. Draft him as a backup and let him sit on your bench until he comes off his suspension.
  5. TENNESSEE TITANS: TE RYAN TANNEHILL, He finished 2021 as the 12th ranked QB, and this year the experts have him at 16. RB Derrick Henry is back and healthy after missing nine games, and he’s a massive part of their offense. After being acquired from the Falcons, Julio Jones was a bust, and WR A.J. Brown missed four games. Tannehill should be a borderline Top 10 QB if the Titans are healthy.

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By Eddie Sebastian, aka That Fantasy Football Draft Board Guy