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Hey there! Today’s blog is all about those Big-play NFL wide receivers for fantasy football that make our fantasy football hearts flutter. Normally, we rely on our most consistent players to win championships, but to get there, we need a sprinkle of risk and upside. Let’s dive into the stats from last season and figure out which wideouts are worth targeting.

The Power of Big Plays

Before we get into specifics, it’s amazing how some wide receivers consistently made huge plays last year. Let’s see who’s likely to keep it up in 2024.

Targets: Who’s Getting the Deep Looks?

First, we’re talking targets that go more than 20 yards downfield. DeAndre Hopkins led the league in these deep targets, which might surprise you unless you remember that Tennessee loved to air it out last season. D.J. Moore also made the top 20, and with his move to Chicago, he might see even more deep targets this year. George Pickens could also benefit from better quarterback play, with Russell Wilson now leading the team.

Receptions: Making the Most of Targets

Tyreek Hill topped the charts for deep receptions, no shocker there. However, DeAndre Hopkins fell to eighth in receptions despite leading in targets. The reason? Not all deep balls are catchable. If Will Levis improves his accuracy, Hopkins could see better results. Meanwhile, Amari Cooper quietly had a solid season, ranking high in both targets and receptions. Keep an eye on these guys for some deep-ball magic.

Receiving Yards: Turning Catches into Big Gains

Tyreek Hill also leads here, but let’s talk about Amari Cooper again. He was second in receiving yards for deep targets, proving he’s a reliable big-play threat. CeeDee Lamb and Justin Jefferson also showed they can turn deep targets into substantial yardage, which is crucial for fantasy success.

Touchdowns: Finding the End Zone

Calvin Ridley, Gabe Davis, and DeVonta Smith made the most of their deep targets by turning them into touchdowns. On the flip side, D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett underperformed in this category, possibly due to inconsistent quarterback play.

Efficiency Stats: Yards Per Route Run and More

Amari Cooper was a beast in yards per route, running on deep targets and showcasing his efficiency. George Pickens also showed promise here, and with a better quarterback situation, he could explode this season. Devante Adams, however, struggled a bit, and with the Raiders’ quarterback issues, his fantasy value is a concern.

Average Depth of Target: How Deep Are They Going?

Interestingly, teammates DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown had high average depths of target. With the addition of Saquon Barkley to their offense, they might see even more opportunities to shine. Now, with the Texans, Stefon Diggs could see a change in his role, but he remains a key deep threat.

Yards After Catch: Making Plays After the Catch

Once again, Amari Cooper stands out by gaining significant yards after the catch on deep targets. This ability to extend plays is golden for fantasy points. George Pickens and a few others also show potential to break out with their YAC abilities.

Contested Catches: Winning the Tough Battles

Winning contested catches downfield is crucial. Chris Olave excelled here, indicating he can be more than just a deep threat. However, it’s concerning to see George Pickens with zero contested catches despite his athletic prowess.

Final Scores: Who’s the Best?

We’ve averaged out all these stats to rank the top big-play wide receivers. No surprise Tyreek Hill and A.J. Brown are up there, but Amari Cooper’s consistency makes him a standout. D.J. Moore also ranks high, and with Caleb Williams now at the helm, he could have a monster season.


There you have it, a breakdown of last season’s big-play wide receivers and their prospects for 2024. Keep these names in mind as you prepare for your drafts. Big-play NFL wide receivers for fantasy football can win you games, so targeting these receivers could be your ticket to fantasy glory.

Final Thoughts

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