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Today, we’re diving into some excellent wide receivers who could lead your fantasy team to victory. These guys have the potential to be true League winners, and you’ll want them on your draft list! Grab that Commish Kit 12-team fantasy football draft board spread out those player labels, and let’s go drafting.

First up is Davante Adams, ranked around 12th on various platforms. Sure, people might be worried about his quarterback situation, but let me tell you, Adams is a beast! He’s consistently been a top-tier wide receiver in fantasy, and any half-decent QB will feed him the ball like crazy. Please don’t sleep on him! Jimmy G will get him the rock.

Next is Chris Godwin, who’s somehow slipping way down to 58th on some sites. Seriously? He’s two years removed from his torn ACL. This guy is elite, and even with some QB concerns, he’s proven himself repeatedly. He’s just 27, so he’s still in his prime. Get him on your team if you can! QB Baker Mayfield still has something to prove so that he will get Godwin a lot of targets.

Now, let’s talk about Jahan Dotson. He’s going super late in drafts, like 94th or worse. But listen up, folks, this dude was a beast in his rookie season, and he’s set to shine in a high-flying offense. His upside is through the roof, so take advantage of the value here! Everyone will be trying to draft Terry McLaurin.

Quentin Johnston is another gem that people are sleeping on. The rookie from TCU is going around 136th on some platforms, which is insane! The Chargers need him, and he’s got serious talent. Imagine not if, but when Keenan Allen or Mike Williams goes down – he will blow up! Grab him in the later rounds and reap the rewards.

Last but not least, Skyy Moore is a hidden treasure in drafts. He’s way undervalued, like 125th or lower, but trust me, this guy’s college stats and potential in year one are off the charts. He’s in the perfect spot with Patrick Mahomes as his QB, and the slot role is up for grabs. League-winning stuff right here!

So there you have it, five wide receivers that could lead your fantasy team to glory. Don’t sleep on them – snatch ’em up and watch your opponents cry as you dominate the league!

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