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Brandon Aiyuk

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Today on EMZ News! Show Me The Money and Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Hey Fantasy Football Fanatics, Have you heard the latest? Justin Jefferson, the #1 wide receiver on my fantasy football draft board,  gets why Kirk Cousins left for Atlanta. The dude wanted to get paid and have a fresh start, plus the Vikings had to pay him. No hard feelings here! Kirk's agent must be Jerry Maguire. Show me the Money! Now, let's talk about New York teams that don’t actually play in New York. Aaron Rodgers missed the mandatory mini-camp…
July 15, 2024
Fantasy FootballNFL Football News

Today on EMZ News! Fantasy Football Draft Board Gossip

  Did you hear the juicy gossip from Kelly Stafford's podcast? She dated her husband Matthew Stafford's backup QB when they were at the University of Georgia to make him jealous. Can you say red flags? Maybe she should get dating advice from former Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who's now dating a 24-year-old ex-cheerleader. Even all-world TE Travis Kelce called him a "smooth operator." Meanwhile, things are not so smooth in San Francisco. Brandon Aiyuk and the 49ers are still…
July 10, 2024