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By John Falabella


Josh Johnson – This guy has been around forever, dropped from nearly every team in the league, but when he took the field on Thursday, he looked good and almost brought the Jets all the way back. 

Arizona Cardinals – No Kyler, No D-Hop, Missing starting offensive linemen… No problem! The Cardinals dominated the 49ers in Santa Clara and it wasn’t close. The Cardinals played like a first-place team and the 49ers played like a team that was ready for the offseason (some of them, not all)

James Conner – Speaking of the Cardinals, Conner and his three touchdowns were one of the main reasons they were able to beat the 49ers. Conner originally was the replacement for Le’Veon Bell in Pittsburgh and looked the part, but over the past two seasons, he became a pretty ordinary player. Still, on Sunday, he looked like the player from three seasons ago.

Tennessee Titans – The whole league thought that when the Titans lost Derrick Henry that they had lost their identity, but Mike Vrabel had the team believing in the mission. Henry has a chance to come back for the end of the season or the playoffs and the team will be in the hunt with or without him.

Adrian PetersonAdrian Peterson did not have a great game on Sunday, but he did score a touchdown, his 125th of his career. He may just be the bandaid that the Titans need until Henry returns.

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Matthew StaffordStafford has looked good this season, but he did not look good on Sunday. In fact, he looked like he was back in Detroit at the end of a bad season. Hopefully, he gets back on track for next week.

Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys were upset by the Broncos on Sunday, and it looked like the team had an all-night drinking party with Billy Bob and Johnny Moxon.

Dak Prescott – After Cooper Rush led the Cowboys to victory the week before, it looked like the Cowboys could not be stopped but they came crashing back to earth Sunday when they got upset by the 3-5 Broncos..

Buffalo Bills – Never did I ever think the Bills would lose to the lowly Jaguars… Like they say, anyone can be beat on “Any Given Sunday”

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