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By John Falabella


I am a little surprised and disappointed in the play of some of these NFL teams this season. Many teams are inconsistent… The 49ers were a preseason favorite to make the Super Bowl, and they played great on MNF in week 10, showing why they were a preseason favorite, but they laid an egg last week and in several games this season. In week 10 they showed passion, had a great game plan, and had an identity of toughness. 

The Buffalo Bills have been one of the NFL’s best teams, but they laid an egg and scored only 6 points against the Jaguars, and then they followed that up with 45 points against the Jets. I hope to see a more consistent play from these top teams during the second half of the season.


Miami Dolphins: Another one of those inconsistent teams came out to play on Thursday and buried the Ravens in Miami. Look for them to put things together down the stretch.

Cam Newton – It was nice to see Cam Newton back in that Carolina powder blue and white uniform and semi leading the Panthers to victory. He has lost a step, but he is still good at what he does.

Rhamondre Stevenson – The 4th round pick out of Oklahoma stepped in for Damian Harris and shined on Sunday. He went for 100 yards on 20 carries plus 2 TDs. Harris had 5 games in a row with a TD before this weekend, and Stevenson looked just as good. 

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Lamar JacksonLamar Jackson is a great athlete, but he is far from perfect as a passing QB… On Thursday, he was yelling at his team, but he was part of the problem himself.

Mike Vrabel C’mon coach, let Adrian Peterson loose!! We all want to see it!!!!

Odell Beckham, Jr – Says he wanted to help the Browns win the Super Bowl, but he left town while they were in the playoff hunt. His highly anticipated debut was even more interesting when Robert Woods tore his ACL. I know Odell doesn’t know the playbook yet but… his debut was, shall I say…DISAPPOINTING!!! 

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