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Happy New Year, and what a Super Bowl!

Congrats to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on beating the crap out of the Kansas City Chiefs. Now we are on the clock as most fantasy football draft parties will start in about six months. That means I have to start printing and rolling up the fantasy football draft boards soon. Hats off to commissioner Roger Goodell and the entire NFL for going forward and finishing their season during this covid-19 crisis.

Like a lot of businesses, I had to make some significant cuts. I had a fantastic fulfillment house in North Austin that had been working with me for seven years. Man, did I hate making that call because I liked them, but business is business. I turned my living room into a warehouse. I also got a new Austin web design company that has been nothing short of spectacular. They helped me cut my internet budget in half from the previous web hosting company. Do you like these blogs? It was their idea. We are working on some cool stuff for our 20th year in business. But I don’t want to give away too much.

Anyway, I think it’s time to update our website’s pics, which means another Commish Kit fantasy football photo shoot with some of Texas’s hottest models. The last photo shoot we did was back in 2016. A couple of the models from that shoot will be coming back along with some new talent. We will be ordering some badass football uniforms of the top tier fantasy football players. The girls will look amazing rocking their new threads in front of our paper and stand-up draft board kits.

Before any photo shoot, you have to write down your ideas and then do a fitting. This 6’0″ beauty is from Austin, and her name is Katie. She was trying on a bunch of different uniforms for me.  I’ll update all y’all when the new uniforms arrive.

And remember, 2021 Commish Kit fantasy football draft boards are Coming Soon!

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