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You Don’t Win Your Fantasy Football League On Draft Day.

You don’t win your fantasy football league on draft day, but you can lose it. I’ve seen guys go back to back with their first two picks and take wide receivers like Marvin Harrison and Terrell Owens. It makes a splash at the draft party, but that team ends up sucking because they didn’t get any stud running backs.

I play in a standard snake draft with 14 teams, 16 round league. My draft strategy is to draft three running backs first and wait and take wide receivers starting in the 4th round.  The only two times I went against my draft strategy were in 2013 when I took the Saints tight end, Jimmy Graham, with the 8th overall pick and ran away with my league. In 2019 I was hoping to repeat some magic when I took Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce with the number 9 overall pick. I didn’t make the playoffs. One of the worst teams I’ve ever drafted. Last year, a guy took tight end Travis Kelce with his first-round pick and tight end George Kittle with his second draft pick. He came in last because he didn’t get any quality running backs. At the end of every draft every year, every single person thinks that they stole the draft.

You can also lose it by drinking a few too many beers or flirting with the sticker girls at a live draft party. I’ve been guilty of both. Draft day is just the beginning of a long-ass season, but it feels short if you’re winning and glued to the Red Zone channel every week.

You can’t just coast it. You have to work the waiver wires and make some trades. And you have to be lucky when it comes to matchups and avoiding injuries. Last year our most points champ didn’t make the playoffs because of injuries to running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Chris Godwin. S*** happens. Best of luck to you in your league this year.

-The Commish Kit

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