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This article pins two of the top WR’s up against each other… Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs and Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers. Which of these players should come off the board first in 2021? Let’s find out!


The Kansas City Chiefs are near the top of the list of teams in the NFL that pass the ball, but Tyreek Hill makes his money for his ability to make big plays. Over the past four seasons he has averaged over 15 yards per catch but he has failed to make 100 catches in any of those seasons. 

Davante Adams also makes big plays, yet his yards/catch over the past four seasons sits at 12, but Adams takes on a lot more volume than Hill as he as topped 100 catches in two of the last three seasons and was on his way there in 2019 but only played 12 games (He was on pace for 110 catches in 2019).

Davante Adams has another advantage in this area and that he is clearly the #1 receiving option for the Packers, and Aaron Rodgers is able to get him the ball in any situation while the go-to guy for the Chiefs is actually Travis Kelce. Hill would be the second option in the passing game but still a big-play guy.

Advantage: Davante Adams


In seven seasons with the Packers Davante Adams has never been involved in a rushing play… EVER! This is where Tyreek Hill closes the gap on production in this comparison. Last season alone, Tyreek Hill generated 24 points in the running game. Hill was able to produce 21 points in this area as well in 2018 but came away with less than 10 points in 2017 and 2019. 

Advantage: Tyreek Hill


Last season Davante Adams scored 18 touchdowns, and since 2016 he and Aaron Rodgers have connected on 58 touchdowns, and 36 of those have come over the last three seasons. Had Adams not have missed time in 2020, he would have had 20 receiving touchdowns. 

Tyreek Hill scored 17 touchdowns last season (15 receiving and 2 rushing). Hill has averaged over 10 touchdowns a season for his career and has averaged over 12 touchdowns a season over the past three. 

Advantage: This one is close, but the advantage goes to Davante Adams.

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A full slate of games for Davante Adams this season should amount to:

Targets: 170

Catches: 115

Yards: 1,440

TDs: 14 

A full slate of games for Tyreek Hill this season should total:

Targets: 130

Catches: 85

Yards: 1,350

TDs: 12

Rushing yards: 100

Rushing TDs: 1

In PPR leagues, Adams wins by a landslide, but it is a much closer call in standard leagues. Ultimately the superior pick in either format is Davante Adams. Pick him without thinking twice.

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