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F%*K COVID! Here’s how to hold a virtual Fantasy Football draft party in 2020

Fantasy Football draft parties are something we all look forward to every year, but 2020 has turned out to be a strange one. The good news is that the NFL is moving forward with the 2020 season! With today’s unique circumstances, fantasy football leagues are looking for creative ways to kick off the football season despite the challenges with social distancing. Here are some ideas for throwing a fun draft party with your fantasy football league!


Can you have a successful fantasy football draft party via Zoom video chat? Yes!

It’s easier than you might think, even if you’ve never used Zoom before. You can still have all the excitement of a fantasy football draft, and there’s no clean up afterward!

Here’s how to throw your virtual fantasy football league draft party:

1. Order your fantasy football draft board kit

Order your FF draft board from in time to have it delivered for your fantasy football draft party

2. Choose a virtual draft party time that works for everybody

We’re all mostly at home these days, so it shouldn’t be too tough to choose a time that works for everybody in your FF league.

3. Gather your virtual fantasy football draft party equipment

Here’s what you’ll need for your ff draft party:

  • A fantasy football draft board, taped securely on the wall with labels ready to go
  • Timer for the commish
  • Two host computers / phones / tablets, with one focused on the draft board
    • make sure your league members know how to pin the screen that has the ff draft board so they can easily see it)
    • Some virtual fantasy football draft party hosts like to set up a projector in the man cave and hook it up to a laptop so they can watch everyone on a big projector screen.
    • Another idea is to connect your laptop onto your flat-screen TV.
    • Experiment bit with camera placement and lighting to give your fantasy football league partygoers the best possible view of the draft board and the commish.
  • Beer

Whatever you choose, make sure your connection is stable so you don’t have any glitches during the draft!

4. Get everything set up and host a practice draft party

Use your family and a couple of friends to throw a quick practice FF draft party, so you are comfortable hosting your meeting and familiar with the controls

5. Provide plenty of advance how-to info to your FF draft participants

Even if some are using it every day working from home, there are bound to be people who have not used video chat even once. Along with your invitations, provide easy-to-follow tips for using Zoom. Include clear information to your FF league about even the basics, like explaining the difference between speaker and gallery view. Also explain where the mute button is, and emphasize the importance of using it in a large group.

Here’s a link that has a great information on joining a Zoom meeting!

6. Have a quick pre-draft virtual meeting with your league

It’s a great idea to have a pre-draft meeting with your league so everybody knows how it will work, can ask questions, and has what they need on hand with the fantasy football draft happens.

Better to do this up front then deal with complainers later!

7. Beer

8. Time for the draft! Set up your Commish Kit Fantasy Football Draft Board

  • Get all your equipment set up and ready to go
  • Tape your ff draft board to the wall. CommishKit FF league draft board kits come with free tape included!
  • Recruit a helper to put up the draft stickers on the fantasy football draft board. Have your kid or wife put the stickers up as you draft!
  • Set up the timer for The Commish. Usually the draft allows 1 minute per pick.
  • During the draft, be sure to let the other players know how much time they have left to make their picks.
  • Beer

9. Everybody ready? FF draft board is up on the wall? Let’er rip!

Have fun!

About Commish Kit fantasy football draft board kits:

We’re the only Fantasy Football Company to offer both wall-hanging and stand-up fantasy football draft board and draft kits. Our wall-hanging draft board products use 20 lb paper. All of our draft board kits come with a FREE marker pen and the wall-hanging draft board kit comes rolled up in a tube so there are no creases and includes FREE two-sided tape to stick it to your wall.

All of our fantasy football draft boards and draft kits come with a complete set of player labels that are fluorescent, color-coded by position and include QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, K, DEF, plus the first three rounds of offensive rookies drafted in this year’s draft. We also offer option labels sets for Individual Defensive PlayersTeam Head CoachTeam Offensive LineTeam Quarterback, and Special Teams.

When a player is picked, it only takes about two seconds to peel a label and slap it on the draft board. Once that label is peeled and the player is gone, he can’t be picked again.

A Commish Kit is a great way to organize your league’s Fantasy Football Draft. It will cut your draft time in half, eliminate illegal picks, and the LARGE font and fluorescent labels make it easy for coaches to see who’s been picked.

Overall, the Commish Kit is a must on Draft Day. Once you’ve used our fantasy football draft board kits, you will never want to draft any other way again!