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Sam Darnold – I left my glasses at home on Sunday so when I was watching the game I thought Christian McCaffrey had two rushing touchdowns but it was actually Sam Darnold. Darnold has 5 rushing TDs this season while he had only 5 his first three years in the league.

Cordarrelle Patterson – Was a first round pick in 2013 but he is finally playing like it. He is on pace for about 1,500 total yards this season and…21 Touchdowns?!? Yes, he has 5 in four games.

Mac Jones – the 15th overall pick in the 2021 Draft and the fifth QB off the board is actually playing the best out of all of them and almost upstaged Tom Brady in his return to New England.

New York Jets – Did the Jets really upset the Titans? Julio Jones and AJ Brown were out but they still should have beaten the Jets.

Jalen Hurts – threw for over 200 yards in the first half and 387 for the game this past Sunday against the Chiefs

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Chiefs Offense(Offensive line) – Patrick Mahomes looks like Carson Wentz last year running for his life on each play

Washington efense – That’s right… They aren’t playing any D.

Flag on the Play – The Officials flagged Khalil Mack and Chase Young on Sunday for Roughing the Passer but both were Phantom calls. The league has gotten safer, which is good, but those were ridiculous. 

Lion’s Management – Did they really sign Dan Campbell to a 6 year contract… he might not make it to the sixth game.

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