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Week 1 is coming – are you ready???

COVID Can Kiss My A$$ – Here’s how we’re running our fantasy football draft! (Safely!)

Times are strange, but fantasy football is in full swing! Here’s how we’re running our draft here at Commish Kit:

  • We’re getting buff bandanas for everybody in our fantasy fooball league with their favorite team.
  • We’re using the corrugated Stand-Up draft Board this year and everybody will be sitting six feet apart from each other.
  • Instead of pizza and wings and cake this year we are doing individual burritos with your own bag of tortilla chips and individually wrapped cupcakes in plastic.
  • bottled beers and water, no keg this year
  • No friends or family allowed. Just league members.

Week 1 is coming!

We know there will be a week 1 because there will be no pre-season games, so you can’t have any fiascos like the Marlins or Lou Williams going to get wings at the strip club!

The NFL is watching what MLB and NBA are doing right and wrong, and are making adjustments. It’s in their best interest from all angles to make this season happen!

What if NFL season gets postponed or cancelled? No biggie!

Even if the season gets postponed or canceled we don’t care! Everybody gets their league fees back or you can roll it over for next season. It’s only a $32 dollar board after all.

I’m just happy to spend an afternoon with my friends, drafting, shooting the shit and trying to have one afternoon of normalcy.

Don’t forget to order your fantasy football draft board kits from

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