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 I took a much-needed month off, but now I’m back in full fantasy football mode. Here is what I have seen in the last four weeks.


Running Back Jonathan Taylor is a bust. He was a consensus #1 draft pick in most fantasy football league drafts. In week one, he rushed for 161 yards and a T.D. but hasn’t done anything since then, and now he is dealing with an ankle injury. Christian McCaffrey is coming off two straight years of injuries and is playing well, but he’s not putting up his monster numbers. On the other hand, Saquon Barkley is putting up massive numbers in New York with 463 rushing yards, and 2 T.D.s Jovantae Williams of the Broncos was finally taking the reigns as the #1 R.B. in Denver before injuring his knee on Sunday against the Raiders and is now out for the year.


Travis Kelce and Marc Andrews are the creams of the crop when it comes to Tight Ends. They both have over 250 receiving yards, 3 T.D.s. George Kittle and Darren Schultz have been marred with injuries, but the biggest disappointment is Atlanta Falcons, Kyle Pitts. He was getting drafted as the third-best tight end but only has 150 receiving yards in 4 games.


Cooper Kupp and Justin Jefferson were the top 2 wide receivers in every fantasy football league draft, and they are the Top 2 receivers going into week 5. Unfortunately, Ja’Marr Chase is off to a slow start. However, a crop of rookie receivers is making an impact. Chris Olave of the Saints, Garrett Wilson of the Jets, and Drake London of the Falcons. 


Quarterbacks Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts are tearing up the league. Russell Wilson is still getting used to his new team in Denver. Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t practice with the 49ers all through mini-camp because it was now Trey Lance’s team. Trey got injured in week 2 and is done for the year. Jimmy G got his old job back. Dolphin’s Q.B. Tua Tagovailoa may not play again this season after suffering two concussions within five days.


Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett looks lost at times. The Dooms Day Defense is back in Dallas, thanks to Linebacker Michah Parsons. Thursday Night games have always sucked, but now they really suck because they are streaming on Amazon Prime. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck went to ESPN and are a much-needed upgrade on Monday Night Football. I’ll switch to Peyton and Eli, but I can only take them for a quarter before they start getting on my nerves.


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By Eddie Sebastian, aka That Fantasy Football Draft Board Guy


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