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Week Three of the NFL preseason is here. Did you know that Thursday Night games are streaming on Amazon? Drew Lock was named the starting QB for the Seahawks. Good lock with that. They should have traded for Baker Mayfield. Rob Walton Voted in as Broncos Owner, Largest Price Of US Sports Team Ever. $4.65 Billion. He’s part of the Walmart family. It must be nice to have that kind of spare change lying around. Disgruntled Linebacker Roquan Smith demands to be traded from Da Bears despite wanting to stay a Chicago Bear. The NY Giants are a Giant mess right now. You have fights breaking out between offensive linemen and coaches. Why? Because Daniel Jones sucks. For the love of God, trade for Jimmy G. already before the Browns do. Bill needs to Belli-Check himself. The Boston papers say Mac Jones is struggling in their new offense. Why? Because former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is now unofficially the offensive coordinator. What could go wrong? Did you know that the Patriots have the highest-paid group of wide receivers in the NFL at $72.2 Million? Those guys are waiver wire fodder. Dak Prescott says this will be his “Golden Year.” His “Golden year” was his rookie season. Speaking of rookies, did you see QB Malik Willis in his debut against the Ravens? He’s going to take Tannehill’s job this year. NY Jets QB will have arthroscopic surgery on his injured right knee this week. Lamar Jackson is reportedly seeking a $230M+ fully-guaranteed deal. Tom Brady has taken time off from the Bucs. Deshaun Watson’s finally apologized for his creepy behavior. Are you watching the Detroit Lions on HARD KNOCKS?

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