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By Joe Kinsey

It’s the summer of the splash shields and I feel like we’ve been here before…because I have. It was all the way back on June 5, my first week at Outkick, and we were talking splash shields for high school football players. Schutt Sports started selling the shields for $15 and here we are at the end of July and LSU is going to the splash shield to add a layer to the PPE that will be deployed across college football.

What about fog? I assume they have a spray solution to that issue.

What about the heat? That will be an issue. The only relief if you can call it that is the SEC schedule not starting until September 26. Hey boys, suck down some of that fall air in Louisiana. There have been a number of NFL guys say a full face shield wouldn’t fly with them. They say it’s a hard pass.

What about rain/water on the visor? Maybe they spray them with Rain-X. Just stay positive that we get to find out this fall and get football at all.

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