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Hey, fantasy football pals! Are you ready for some epic picks in the middle rounds of your fantasy draft? The early stars get all the attention, but the hidden gems in the middle can make or break your season. So, buckle up and get ready to discover some league-winning players! First things first. Grab that Commish Kit 12-team fantasy football draft board spread out those player labels, and let’s go drafting.

  1. Marquise Brown (WR ARIZONA)- A Hollywood Surprise!

Okay, so you’ve heard a lot about the big names, but don’t sleep on Marquis Brown! He’s like a Hollywood blockbuster waiting to explode! People worry about his team’s quarterback, Kyler Murray, getting injured, but Kyler will be back sooner than you think. And when that happens, Marquis Brown is going to shine like a star! Even if Kyler misses some games, Marquis can still perform with other QBs. So draft him and thank me later!

  1. Lamar Jackson (QB BALTIMORE)- The Action Hero!

When it comes to quarterbacks, we all love the top-tier ones. But pay attention to Lamar Jackson! He might not be drafted in the first few rounds, but he’s a mid-round hero waiting to save your fantasy team. Baltimore’s offense will be more pass-heavy, and Lamar’s got some shiny new weapons to show off. Plus, his running skills are amazing! So grab him and prepare to fly high in your league!

  1. Cam Akers (RB LOS ANGELES)- The Rams’ Running Machine!

You might have some doubts about Cam Akers, but let me tell you, he’s a running beast in the making! He’s the main guy in the Rams’ backfield, and with no real competition, he will get all the carries he needs. Last year, he had some health issues, but now he’s back and ready to rumble. The Rams’ offense will set him up for greatness, so draft him and watch him dominate!

  1. Brian Robinson Jr. (RB WASHINGTON)- The Underdog Star!

Okay, you might not have heard of Brian Robinson, but you should pay attention! He plays for Washington, and even though their offense isn’t the flashiest, he’s a hidden gem. Robinson is working on his pass-catching skills, and he’s going to surprise us all! Forget the naysayers; this guy is a potential Workhorse! He’s going to carry your team to victory!

  1. DeShaun Watson (QB CLEVELAND)- The Comeback King!

Oh, boy, DeShaun Watson is the ultimate value pick! People doubt him because of last year’s troubles, but he’s back with a vengeance! Cleveland’s offense has improved, and Watson will show us why he’s a top QB. His talent is undeniable, and he’s got a bunch of shiny new weapons. Get him as your QB1, and you won’t regret it!

  1. Elijah Moore (WR CLEVELAND)- The Rising Star!

Last but not least, let’s talk about Elijah Moore! This guy’s a receiving wizard, and he’s got a brand-new QB in DeShaun Watson throwing to him! He’s the perfect complement to Amari Cooper and will shine in the slot position. No need to worry about target competition; Moore’s got what it takes to be your fantasy superhero!

So there you have it, folks! You need to snatch these awesome players in the middle rounds of your fantasy draft. Trust me; they’ll take your team to the next level and give you the sweet taste of victory! Happy drafting, and good luck!

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