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What’s up, fellow fantasy football fanatics!

So, get ready to chuckle because we’re going to dive into the world of my least-drafted running backs. These poor souls have been avoided like the plague in a bunch of online mock drafts. And boy, oh boy, are they feeling the rejection! Their draft player labels aren’t getting peeled until the mid-rounds.

First up, we have Aaron Jones. Don’t get me wrong; the dude is talented, but I just can’t shake this feeling that the Packers might not light up the scoreboard this season. The fantasy feast might become famine with Aaron Rodgers out of the picture. The Packers look less like Super Bowl contenders and more like average Joe’s. An anonymous GM said that Jordan Love can’t process the game well. Ouch!

And how about Alexander Mattison? The guy is a decent talent, but let’s not forget that he was crushing it against teams that couldn’t defend a paper bag! We’re all just hoping and praying that he’ll shine this season. They should have kept Dalvin Cook.

Now, let’s talk about Brian Robinson Jr.  I like the kid. He’s tough. I drafted him last season. Remember, he got shot last year and came back during the season to take carries away from Antonio Gibson. If he hits big, great! But I’d rather not cross my fingers and rely on a mid-tier running back for my fantasy glory with the team’s offense looking questionable. Riverboat Ron said, ‘Don’t sleep on Jacoby Brissett,’ amid Sam Howell QB battle.

And oh boy, Ken Walker III! He’s been flying off the draft boards, and I’m sitting here scratching my head like, “Why, oh why?” Sure, he’s talented, but there’s a whole buffet of running backs on that team! We’re talking Charbonnett and McIntosh, and they’re no slouches, either!

Lastly, we have Travis Etienne, of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The dude’s got potential, no doubt, but you know what they say about potential—it’s just a fancy word for “not there yet!” With competition from Tank Bigsby for those juicy goal-line touches and receptions, it’s like Etienne is trying to win a game of musical chairs on a sinking ship.

So there you have it, folks! My comical tale of fantasy football’s running back rejects! These guys are like the unpopular kids at the draft party, standing awkwardly in the corner while everyone else gets chosen first. But fear not my friends, there are plenty of other fish in the fantasy sea, so go out there and draft wisely!

Remember, it’s all in good fun, and maybe these rejects will rise from the ashes and prove me wrong. Until then, happy drafting, and may your fantasy season be filled with triumph and laughter!

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