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🏈 Fantasy Football: Late-Round Hidden Gems and the Big Questions! 🤔

Get ready to rewrite your fantasy football cheat sheets. Some hidden gems will help you steal your fantasy football draft. First things first. Grab that Commish Kit 12-team fantasy football draft board spread out those player labels, and let’s go drafting.

🏃‍♂️ James Cook: The Sneaky Pass Catcher 🏈

First, we’ve got James Cook, an absolute steal flying under the radar. He’s falling outside the top 100 players, but don’t be fooled! With Nahim Heinz out for the season (due to a crazy jet ski accident), Cook is primed to snatch up all those tasty pass-catching opportunities. While Damien Harris and Latavius Murray bring power, they lack the magic of catching those crucial passes. Cook’s your man for that! He doesn’t need a bunch of touches to make things happen – just give him the ball, and boom! He’s explosive, efficient, and playing alongside Josh Allen and Stefan Diggs. Talk about a recipe for fantasy gold! Take advantage of this high-upside PPR flex play!

🏈 AJ Dillon: The Unsung Hero 🌟

Next, let’s talk about the forgotten guy behind Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon! People went bonkers for Jones last season, but it’s time to pay attention to Dillon this year. Aaron Rodgers might have left, but a galaxy-brained run-heavy offense is still guaranteed. However, if the Pack goes that route, guess who’ll be reaping the rewards? You guessed it, AJ Dillon! He’s built to handle heavy workloads and steadily growing his role in the offense. Watch out for those Jordan Love check-downs, which could favor Dillon over Jones. Trust us; you’ll want to draft Dillon for that sneaky upside!

🏈 Jerome Ford: The Browns’ Hidden Gem 🍂

Everyone’s pumped about Nick Chubb with Kareem Hunt gone, but hold up – Jerome Ford is here to make some noise! Chubb’s a beast, but he’s not the only show in town. The Browns’ GM is hyped about Ford’s skills, especially in the passing game. While Chubb’s not known for his catching prowess, Ford’s ready to step up and seize the Kareem Hunt role. Don’t assume Ford’s just a benchwarmer; he’s primed for a significant role even with Chubb healthy. And let’s be real, Chubb’s had some injury woes in the past. If he goes down, Ford will be the must-have fantasy handcuff!

🏈 Chuba Hubbard: The Insurance Policy 💼

Last but not least, we’ve got Chuba Hubbard – the insurance policy your fantasy team needs. Yes, they signed Miles Sanders, but behind him, it’s a barren wasteland of RBs. Hubbard’s no superstar, but he’s proven he can handle the load when needed. If anything happens to Sanders, Hubbard will become the main man, and he’s got a legit shot at being a weekly RB2. With a rookie QB and limited passing options, the Panthers may lean heavily on the run, making Hubbard’s role even more critical. Take advantage of this late-round gem who could save your fantasy season!

🤔 But, Wait! Should You Go All-In on Early-Round RBs? 🧐

While late-round sleepers offer hidden gems, let’s not forget the early-round studs. Players like Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, and Dalvin Cook are solid bets but remember, injuries and workload can catch up to anyone. And then there are the rookies like Kenneth Walker and Bryce Young – talented but unproven. So, draft wisely, my friends!

And there you have it! Some late-round running back gems to snatch up and some big questions about those early-round stars.

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