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Introduction: Fantasy football fans are always on the lookout for running backs who can deliver reliable performances week after week. In this blog post, we’ll explore two prominent players in the league, Austin Ekeler and Saquon Barkley, to understand why they are considered “bust-proof” options and how they can benefit fantasy football teams.

Austin Ekeler: The Reliable Performer When it comes to consistency, Austin Ekeler is a standout player. He plays a crucial role in the Los Angeles Chargers’ offense, making him a trustworthy asset for fantasy football managers. Especially in PPR and Half PPR leagues. Ekeler’s versatility sets him apart from other running backs as he contributes not only with carries but also in the passing game. With a high number of touches, he consistently earns valuable fantasy points, earning the trust of managers.

Potential Concerns for Ekeler However, it’s important to consider potential factors that could affect Ekeler’s “bust-proof” status. One concern is the unpredictability of touchdowns. If Ekeler’s touchdown production were to decline, it might impact his overall fantasy value. Additionally, changes in the Chargers’ offensive scheme or target distribution could affect Ekeler’s involvement in the passing game. The Chargers used a first-round pick on TCU wide receiver Quentin Johnston. And that might impact Ekeler’s touches. These factors are worth considering but should not overshadow Ekeler’s proven track record.

Saquon Barkley: Despite some injury setbacks, Barkley remains an important offensive player for the New York Giants. His talent and involvement in the team’s offense make him a reliable option for fantasy managers. As a workhorse back and a threat in the passing game, Barkley consistently contributes to his team’s success.

Assessing Barkley’s Potential: While Barkley’s consistency and involvement in the offense make him a dependable choice, some experts believe his ceiling may not be as high as Ekeler’s. Factors like the Giants’ offensive scheme and potential limitations from previous injuries could impact Barkley’s overall upside. Nonetheless, Barkley’s talent and reliable role in the offense still make him a solid choice for fantasy managers seeking a consistent running back. I drafted him in the first round last year and he led my team to the playoffs.

Conclusion: When looking for running backs with consistent production in fantasy football, it’s important to consider their involvement in the offense and their ability to consistently earn fantasy points. Austin Ekeler’s versatility and proven track record make him a strong option. Saquon Barkley, while offering reliability, may face some limitations that could impact his potential for high performance. Ultimately, fantasy managers should prioritize running backs who consistently contribute to their team’s offensive success and deliver valuable fantasy points. Both players are ranked in the Top 5 of PPR leagues.

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