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I enjoy listening to The Fantasy Football Counselor on YouTube, and he was talking about 5 running backs to avoid drafting in 2022. Here is his list. These are good players, but they are not worth drafting in the first round.

  1. Nick Chubb of the Cleveland Browns. He was a consensus Top 5 pick, but he finished 13th among running backs even though Kareem Hunt only played eight games. PPR is the number one format in fantasy football leagues, and he doesn’t fit the bill. Hunt is better for PPR, and now they will have a new offense with a running quarterback in Deshaun Watson.
  2. D’Andre Swift of the Detroit Lions is ranked at number 9 in the mock drafts. When was the last time a Detroit running back finished in the Top 10? He plays in a suspect offense, and he’s been injured in his first two seasons.
  3. Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings changed his jersey from 33 to number 4 from his old college days at Florida St. In his first five years in the league, he has yet to play an entire season. He’ll probably end up missing four games this season. Draft Alexander Mattison in the later rounds and trade him when Cook gets hurt.
  4. Joe Mixon of the Cincinnati Bengals had his best stats in 2021. It was his third 1,000-yard season, but the knock on him is his durability. He’s been hurt in three of his first five seasons. So do you want to risk a first-round pick on him?
  5. Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers is ranked in the Top 5 of the mock drafts. He’s only played in ten games in the past two seasons. And Carolina has changed the offense from what he flourished in 2019.

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By Eddie Sebastian, aka That Fantasy Football Draft Board Guy