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Hey there, football fans! Can you believe it? The best quarterbacks in fantasy football are being snatched up faster than ever on mock drafts this year! But don’t blame me! Last season, some late-round QBs surprised everyone and soared into the top 12 with epic breakout performances. Seriously, it’s like magic! Grab that Commish Kit 10-team fantasy football draft board spread out those player labels, and let鈥檚 go drafting.Here are some late-Round Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 2023.

Okay, okay, hold up. The Elite Round quarterback era is history now, and here’s why. Back when Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers ruled the league, they didn’t have the insane seasons we’re seeing from Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, and Patrick Mahomes. What’s different now? Running, my friends! QBs are running like crazy, stealing points from running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. Sneaky little tricksters!

Let’s talk about some QBs who pulled off incredible stunts last year. Justin Fields was just QB16 before the season but finished as QB5 in points per game! Daniel Jones went from QB21 to QB10, and even Geno Smith climbed from QB31 to QB8. And don’t forget Tua and Trevor Lawrence. These guys were on fire!

Now, hold your horses. The Elite QBs are still great, but finding a late-round rushing QB is becoming a challenge. It’s not like the good old days when we got Justin Fields at QB16 or Daniel Jones at QB21 in the later rounds. But hey, some ambiguity remains. Maybe a few of these surprise QBs can still make some noise.

Let’s dive into some QB picks! First up, Matthew Stafford at QB21. Yeah, he had a neck injury, but the Rams are playing Madden this year! Stafford could be top-five in pass attempts with that lousy defense and a need for speed. Pick him up when you get Cooper Kupp in the middle of round one!

Next, we have Jared Goff at QB17. Yes, he has limitations, but he’s got a top offensive line and an excellent play-caller. Lions fans, calm down! He’s got potential! Watch out for those touchdowns from inside the 10-yard line!

Now, let’s talk about Kenny Pickett, the scrambling QB at QB25. He can be a low-end QB1 and pull off some Ryan Tannehill-like moves. Titans, brace yourselves for a better season!

Last but not least, the rookie Bryce Young at QB25. Okay, okay, we know he’s a newbie, but he’s surrounded by a fantastic offensive line and play callers. He’s got the smarts and skills to make it work. Just maybe, he’ll surprise us!

So, there you have it, folks! The crazy adventures of fantasy football QBs. It’s a wild ride, but there’s always room for surprises. So, strap in, draft smart, and enjoy the fantasy football mayhem!馃張馃槃

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Final Thoughts

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