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Commish 3:16 T-shirt

This is right out of the Commissioner’s Bible. No dinero no entrance to the draft party.

This shirt lets your league know that you don’t put up with any excuses like “I’ll pay you later” or “take my entrance fee out of my winnings at the end of the year.”


Product Description:

“Lay Down the Law with Our Hard-Hitting Commish 3:16 Shirt!

Are you tired of chasing down league fees? Well, say goodbye to those ‘I’ll pay you later’ excuses because our Commish 3:16 Men’s T-Shirt is here to enforce the golden rule of fantasy football!

Standout Features

  • Bold Front Statement: First and foremost, ‘Commish 3:16’ prominently displayed in eye-catching white lettering
  • Clear Back Message: Additionally, it boldly proclaims ‘IF YOU DON’T PAY, YOUR ASS DON’T PLAY’
  • Classic Design: Furthermore, the black crew neck style offers a timeless, authoritative look
  • Quality Material: Moreover, soft, durable fabric stands up to draft day and beyond
  • Inclusive Sizing: Lastly, available in S to XXXL to fit commissioners of all sizes

Why This Tee Commands Respect

  1. Instant Authority: Above all, you’ll command respect the moment you walk into your draft party
  2. Conversation Starter: Consequently, it’s guaranteed to spark laughs and nods of agreement
  3. No More Excuses: As a result, you’ll put an end to those ‘take it out of my winnings’ pleas

The Commish 3:16 Advantage

This isn’t just apparel; it’s a powerful tool straight from the Commissioner’s Bible. By wearing it, you’re not only making a fashion statement but also setting clear expectations for your league.

Essential for Every Serious Commissioner

Here’s why you absolutely need this Commish 3:16 tee:

  • Establish Rules: First and foremost, it clearly communicates your league’s payment policy
  • Boost Confidence: Subsequently, you’ll feel empowered to enforce rules without hesitation
  • Versatile Use: Therefore, it’s perfect for draft day, payment deadlines, and league meetings

Make Your Mark This Season

Don’t let late payments ruin your fantasy football season. Instead, arm yourself with the Commish 3:16 Men’s T-Shirt and run your league like a true boss.

Order Now and Rule with Authority

Commissioners, are you ready to eliminate payment excuses once and for all? Then order your Commish 3:16 Men’s T-Shirt today and, consequently, prepare to manage your fantasy football league with unquestionable authority. After all, in fantasy football, just like in life, you’ve got to pay to play!”

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