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Commish Kit - Making Quality Fantasy Football Draft Board Kits and Apparel since 2002.

2020 FF Draft Player Labels

This year, due to Covid-19, there will be some changes as you can probably imagine.

Unfortunately the company that printed my labels was a casualty of the global shutdown, so we do not have any 2020 player labels. To compensate for this and in an effort to keep my business afloat, we have a limited number of 2019 Player labels which I have updated with five separate sheets of the Top Rookies, color coordinated by their positions, and the LAS VEGAS Defense.

What does this mean for your Fantasy Football draft player labels?

This means that you’ll be getting over 500 labels along with a pen, two-sided tape and of course a nicely rolled up draft board.

Shipping is still FREE and again, I have a limited supply so it’s first come first serve.

We don’t put team names or bye weeks on our stickers.  TOM BRADY is just TOM BRADY. 

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On behalf of the entire Commish Kit team, we would like to say thank you for all your loyalty and support over the years. Please stay safe and draft responsibly.

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Julie putting the 2020 rookies together. We didn’t print any rookie kickers because who drafts rookie kickers?

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Melissa holding up 2019 wide receiver labels.