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Instructional Video, Part 1 of 2

Instructional Video, Part 2 of 2

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Thanks for coming by our web site. We hope you enjoyed the instructional videos.
If you didn't watch them, here's a quick recap:

We're the only Fantasy Football Company to offer both wall-hanging and stand-up fantasy football draft board and draft kits. Our wall-hanging draft board products use 20 lb paper. All of our draft board kits come with a FREE marker pen and the wall-hanging draft board kit comes rolled up in a tube so there are no creases and includes FREE two-sided tape to stick it to your wall.

All of our fantasy football draft boards and draft kits come with a complete set of player labels that are color-coded by position and include QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, K, DEF, plus the first three rounds of offensive rookies drafted in this year's draft. We also offer option labels sets for Individual Defensive Players, Team Head Coach, Team Offensive Line, Team Quarterback, and Special Teams.

When a player is picked, it only takes about two seconds to peel a label and slap it on the draft board. Once that label is peeled and the player is gone, he can't be picked again.

A Commish Kit is a great way to organize your league's Fantasy Football Draft. It will cut your draft time in half, eliminate illegal picks, and the LARGE font and fluorescent labels make it easy for coaches to see who's been picked.

Overall, the Commish Kit is a must on Draft Day. Once you've used our fantasy football draft board kits, you will never want to draft any other way again!

Click the images to go to the draft boards pages -- Paper or Corrugated

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We have over 1,000 Testimonials from satisfied customers!
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"Just want to thank you guys for being the greatest draft board site out there. We have been using your draft boards for 5 years now for our 3 conference 3 draft league and wouldn't dream of doing the draft any other way. You guys are the best and thanks so much. – Brent – Knighthawks FFL, AZ, CA, and CO.

"We've been playing for 10 years straight and nine of them with the Commish Kit. It's not a draft party if you're not using a Commish Kit fantasy football draft board." – EFF – San Francisco, CA

"Needless to say draft day can be a bear for the commish of a 16-team league. But with your draft board and labels, our draft days have turned into the highlight of the fantasy season. Now if you could just send us 'the hotties' to our draft party our draft day would be absolutely perfect. In the meantime, the draft board and labels will suffice. Thanks again." -Jeff, Oklahoma Fight Club

Moreno Leauge 2010 Draft
"We love the draft board! It makes drafting so much easier. GOD BLESS."

"Year in, and year out, at the "Central Arkansas' Fantasy Finest" league draft, you will see a CommishKit draft board hanging on center-stage. A serious draft, calls for a serious draft board, and that's why we turn to CommishKit to take care of all our draft day needs. Long Live CommishKIt! – Clayton Middleton, Commish of "Central Arkansas' Fantasy Finest", Conway, AR

"Thanks again for making our fantasy draft that much easier. Again thanks to Eddie who I purchased the draft board from." Sincerely, Christopher S. – Commish of the Bay Area Dynasty ASSociation (B.A.D.ASS League)

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I just wanted to say thanks for helping make our draft a success. This was my first year as Commish for my church's fantasy football league and it went great. I got the draft board, draft clock, and as you can see the I JUST STOLE THE DRAFT shirt. I'll be using you guys next year."

Thanks Again, Boomer Sooners

"Best Damn Fantasy Football draft boards!" -EFF - San Francisco, CA

"We loved the draft board" -League Home Sauce- Beverly Hills, CA.

"Eddie, thanks again for hooking us up with another set of labels and a new fantasy football draft board when the first one was destroyed in the mail. That showed some true class." -6th Annual Fantasy Armageddon Football Draft

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"Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for 5 years of supplying us with the BEST fantasy football draft kits! here's our league pic from this years draft. wish you guys luck in your leagues this year!" -Ray, Commissioner of 415's Finest Fantasy Football League

"The 8th Annuall Hoover Deuce League! THANKS COMMISHKIT.COM!" -Fidel Alvarez

"Well, Eddie, our 2008 draft is in the books and could not have done it without you. You have an extraordinary product that makes things faster and much easier. Without CommishKit.com there would be no fantasy football. Commishkit.com is Fantasy Football. Nuff said". -Thanks, Eric Arpelar, Midlothian, TX

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"Hey Guys,

Thanks for the Fantasy Football draft kit! It ruled...didn't have to waste time watching our bros trying to write legibly on a label, and it made it simple to see how each team drafted (by positions and color). Love the draft board, our draft finished an hour and half faster than last year (and we had 12 teams this year, 2 more than last year).

We'll be back again next year! Can't think of a better draft kit to hold our draft, and of course, the draft day heckling is priceless.

Bone ass moves of the day
1) Travis Henry drafted in 4th round (oops)
2) The #2 position drafted Osi Umeniyora and Jason Taylor (who both had been injured the night before) consecutively in the 13th and 14th rounds)

Thanks again!" -Patrick

"Eddie, thank you for sending us your draft board and labels... it made our Fantasy Footbal Draft a success :). As you can see from the attached pictures, I attached the draft board and labels by position on my garage door, which my owners loved! Take care, and thanks again," -Kelly, VA


Good afternoon.

Thanks for helping me pull off a memorable draft night this year. Your draft board blows the competition away. The shipping was spot on and I received my draft boards and labels without a scratch. The large labels make the overall draft board much bigger and easier to read.

I took some inspiration from your website fantasy football babe contest. As you can see, the draft board girls were beautiful and added to the enjoyment of the evening. Please feel free to post the pic to your home site next season. Will forward another owner draft board babe group shot, after getting the green light from some of our more conservative owners.

CommishKit Rocks. You have a customer for the rest of my fantasy commish career.

Thanks again," -Commish Phil, T. E. Fantasy League

"Just wanted to send you a pic from our Fantasy Football Draft. We do things the Commish Kit way and follow all of the rules. Thanks for a good solid draft board and we'll be back for more next year." -High Stakes Fantasy League, Bowden, GA

Send us your League Pics and we'll put them up!

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